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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
29-Oct-06 - 02:38 AM
Thread Name: Les Barker US tour canceled!
Subject: RE: Les Barker US tour canceled!
Taking into account that the USA has now just bullied (by financial muscle) the Olympics to have the Swimming Events run at Morning local time instead of the traditional Evening time - that the athletes have structured their training lives around -

That's probably the last straw for me in tolerating US international 'bullying' - when the Olympics were held in the US, the events were put on to suit them - when they are held elsewhere with a different time zone, the US gets then shifted to a time more convenient to THEM...

And people WONDER why the US is burning up international Good Will!!!

I will now black ban ALL Olympic Events - and not only this upcoming one - from my TV.

If I Really want to know - I will get the medal totals from the News!