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Posted By: Tim Jaques
04-Jan-98 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: Moonshine Songs
Subject: RE: Moonshine Songs
There are many pub singers who I wish would play the Wild Rover no more. Between that and The Black Velvet Band I don't know which is more overdone.

A fairly recent moonshining song from Canada is The Cape Breton Silver, by Allistair MacGillivary.

There is of course The Mountain Dew, which I believe has an American bluegrass version called That Good Ole Mountain Dew.

It's been years since I've had moonshine, which is an integral part of any Purple Jesus punch. You had to be careful from whom you got it. Usually some old fellow who had been making it for years could be trusted, if he hadn't poisoned anyone in the last decade. It is always a liquor to be treated with respect.