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Posted By: alison
01-Mar-00 - 12:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: New ICQ Active List
Subject: RE: BS: New ICQ Active List
Sorcha (and anyone else who is wondering), ICQ is something different. It works like the text chat part of hearme(that you were using the other day)only on a bigger scale.

you need to download it (very easy just follow the instructions.... takes about 15 minutes), register (choose a nickname, don't give too many details about yourself)... and off you go... once you do that you can look for other mudcatters and we'll help you from there.

My ICQ number is 16719177..... once you are on drop me or one of the others a line and we'll show you what to do from there.

Kat, I think half the fun of it is trying to follow all the different conversations and the interesting tangents they go off on... how else would we have endied up bidding for a date with Max??*grin*