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Posted By: Jon Freeman
01-Mar-00 - 02:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: New ICQ Active List
Subject: RE: BS: New ICQ Active List
Hi Sorcha, I think kat has explained most of it but I'll make a couple of comments:

Normal ICQ is really geared for more one to one type conversation and at the Radio time, we experieced a lot of problems. There was often confusion over whose room we were using, there was a need for somebody to invite others into the room and a lot of the time we had a situation where half the room could not see the other half and people kept on having to leave, and get reinvited in the hope that they could see more people next time. There was also a problem with people getting booted for no apparant reason.

The active list is very much in its infancy and we had problems with it (caused by my computer crashing - I think) last week but in theory, it provides a common room that people can let themselves into and we have not experienced an individual getting booted (last week, every body goot kicked at the same time becase of my problems but I think (and hope!) I have that situation under control now).

I did raise the question of using one of the Hearme rooms instead in another thread but have had no feedback. My biggest worry on using hearme is there are some doubts about its compatability with Real Audio and until that situation is known, it can not be used. There are other issues that would need considering too.