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Posted By: GutBucketeer
07-Nov-06 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: Getaway Memories 2006
Subject: RE: Getaway Memories 2006
The Getaway was mellower this year for me than in the past. I guess its because I am no longer trying to run around and see/do everything. Its more catching up with old friends, jamming, and hanging out. The Jugband workshop was enthusiastic if small and I got to show off all of my toys (next year I'm going to need a truck), I stayed up way too late on Friday night jamming in the Nature Center and never really recovered. LEJ was smart to take a nap on Saturday :-)

Highlights for me inlcuded:

Seeing Susan A-R (now minus the A) playing with everyone, everywhere. I think she and Amos must have clones and meeting

Meeting Jamming with Karl (last name unknown), who is a very very good guitar player, and has a wealth of knowledge.

The Country/Blues Jams both nights with Joel, Karl, LEJ, Donna, Elenor, Amos, etc. (in the Nature Center Friday night and Paz Saturday night).

Actually getting through leading Flip, Flop, and Fly with bass accompaniment in the Blues Workshop.

Learning the secrets of swing guitar in Sylvia's Workshop, Blues Guitar in Donna and Elenor's Workshop, and voice in the two voice workshops. More, More, More of this type of session.

Playing my bucket/can drum in the Raise the Roof Gospel session. Mia and Janie did a fantastic job leading it. Man can Janie sing.

NOT hurting anyone with the Whip

Having Janie use me as a stage prop (Thank God no one took pictures)

Just Hanging Out.

Downers were:

Not seeing everyone that couldn't make it (Dani, Max, Kendal, Skarpi, Bobert, etc.)

Not being able to stay up more.

Confusion on which cabins were supposed to be quiet and which were for jamming. Clearly inform folks ahead of time as they register.   Next year it should be made very clear that music and singing MAY TAKE PLACE in the cabins late into the night, if not all night. It would help to bring back the ear plugs too. More attention should also be given to putting people that want to go to sleep early together in the hotel like area off the conference center and people that are going to stay up late in places that are condusive to staying up late. Where and how the Jams take place/evolve will then take care of themselves.

BTW: The Nature Center is un-comfortable and a lousy place to jam/hang out all night.