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Posted By: Bill D
07-Nov-06 - 02:52 PM
Thread Name: Getaway Memories 2006
Subject: RE: Getaway Memories 2006
well...after a slow start, I ended up singing and playing more than I have in YEARS at a Getaway. First, I had to something at the Comic songs with Jacqui..(such an easy workshop..*grin* push the button and the group takes over! Jacqui & I just needed to nod & point)

THEN! in the bare room in the Retreat Center Sunday morning, Joe Newberry, Andy Wallace, Lisa Null, (what WAS the name of the guy who played banjo/mandolin?) and several others not only tolerated the autoharp, but played mostly songs that could be done with between 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 chords!....Lots of old timey and trad tunes & songs. I wore out my arm! (happily)

THEN!!! Sunday night late, Barry Finn decided we were doing too much chatting and snacking..(true, we were)...and softly and gently BELLOWED a dulcet-toned chanty at us, and dared someone to continue when he was, we continued for a couple of ummmm...'interesting' hours. My, my, my! I remembered stuff I had forgotten I knew!....At one point, I decided the tone was low enough for "The Hermit" (who lived in a dell)....I had gotten maybe 8 words out when John Roberts appeared beside me and helped me word for word to describe the plight of the poor hermit...*grin*. Let me say, there were NO dull moments that evening. Crane Driver, Jacqui, Ron Davies, Sussex Carole, Micca, Nancy King, John Roberts, CET, Barry Finn, etc, etc...saw to it!

...and then there were the just plain sublime moments of beautiful, moving,song and melody, by more folks than I dare mention. (well, I may mention some later..). You talk about 'critical mass' of talent and knowlege...we had it.

This was my 28th consecutive Getaway, and I cannot possibly say it was 'the best', as these things don't lend themselves to 'rating', but I just echo the "wows" from above and repeat that we truly did miss absent friends, and hope that next know.

I learned that the camp is going to build a NEW dining hall, leaving the old one with its space as an extra venue..(dancing, maybe?)...and...that in 2 years (2008) we are booked for early OCTOBER!! So, be like those Jivaro Indians and PLAN AHEAD!

now....maybe a nap...