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Posted By: Barry Finn
08-Nov-06 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: Getaway Memories 2006
Subject: RE: Getaway Memories 2006
It's actually a thick inner city Bostonian accent, I'm now only 45 minutes north of Boston, not far enough away to lose the it. The salt coat is because I used to sleep with my mouth open while I was a liveaboard in Hawaii, it's called flyfishing out there, a way a "flying fish sailors" catch the flying fish native to those waters.
The weekend was great, even better than last year seeing as I can remember more of it this time around. To hook up with Sylvia again after 25 yrs was quite a delight & treat she was a stunning surprise, just as I remembered her. It was a blast to join in with Dave Diamond & Bob Clayton for the Sunday eve concert on David's parody of "Martin Said To His Man" with his
"Chaney said to his man, lie, man, lie,
Chaney said to his man, start the war now"
The workshops were great espically for those that were able to clone themselves. Maybe next year some of the major workshops (the Grand Sing types) can be stretched into 1 1/2 to 2 hr time slots? Me, I ended up cutting more than a few just so I could catch part of another, that's a good sign of a great selection. I thought the Nature was a good singing venue & that it would've made a better late nite singing venue than the outer room of the retreat center as would the back room of the retreat center. Even though the the late nite Sunday session was a great sing, I didn't think it lent itself to spontaenous singing jams. Actually I led off feeling that it wouldn't happen if it wasn't pushed. My feeling was that the only thing that lacked in comparison to the other camps was that it didn't lend itself as well to spontaenous jamming. But I really don't think that, that's not much of a hurddle to get over, it just a 1st year thing. The cabin lobbies do make for nice late nite jams & that seems to be only a matter again of a live & learn thing were the kinks can get worked out after they've been found only by finding them during the 1st go round at a new camp. Nothing's perfect the 1st time aroumd, but it was damn close.
Micca, it was a good ride home, I got home & almost ran off to sea, thanks to swapping stories with you.
Thanks to Charlie, Rita, Carly, Nancy & all the others for putting in the time & effort to make it such a memorable gathering.