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10-Nov-06 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bono
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Leave me alone

read my whole post and try not to be selective in your reading of it.

In context, those very same lines illustrate the exact opposite of what you are implying they say.

Yes I wrote this:

"If anyone of them became a media playboy it was Adam Clayton what with his affairs with various models etc.

Once off stage, Bono never abused his fame. He has been married to the same woman for many years now and unless I am otherwise mistaken she was his girlfriend from right back when U2 first started making records."

but before that I wrote this:

"Bono has never deliberately drawn attention to himself as an individual. He has never been a "showbiz personality" despite being instantly recognizable worldwide, preferring instead to present himself to the media as a part of U2 the band."

And after I wrote this:

"There has always therefore been a clear dividing line between the band, their work and their private lives.

Just the fact that I can't think of any gossip in the media about him tells a story on this subject."

lets have that last line again


The thread is not gossip about bono's private life, it's a discussion about Bono's integrity as a public figure, in light of his apparent involvement in various campaigns throughout the world from Australia to Africa.

I've kept out of your arguments with your mudcat opponents, having neither the time, the inclination nor the knowledge of their history to care.

I also ultimately have enough respect for people to avoid being hasty in forming opinions of them or their 'business'.

I don't appreciate being selectively quoted (like a celeb in a tabloid newspaper), and to have my out of context words used to justify an irrelevant point of view that is a part of a discussion that has nothing to do with the discussion that I am trying to have and that my words pertain to.

Imagine we were in a pub and you were having a conversation with a couple of people on a topic that you found interesting, and I joined in and started to quote snippets of points you had made in the discussion you were having in order to justify a point of view I held on a different topic.

I would one hand be showing you a lack of respect by deliberately misrepresenting you whilst also showing extremely bad manners by interrupting the conversation you were having to go on about my own shit.

Maybe that's what you do when you are out socially as well.

I am starting to get the impression that you aren't very good at thinking beyond your own experiences and terms of reference and that as a consequence you have great difficulty understanding other people.

I get the impression that you may be starved of attention and are possibly quite lonely and that interrupting other peoples conversations to assert yourself, regardless of whether you have anything to ADD to the conversation is your way of compensating.

Open your eyes, engage yourbrain and respect will follow.