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Posted By: wysiwyg
10-Nov-06 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: Cleaning Filthy CDs
Subject: RE: Cleaning Filthy CDs
This has been really interesting. The CDs had gone camping, you see, several times, and were a gritty mess when they were stored in a cold place for years that had lots of condensation.

Thing One that I learned was that professionally burned CDs are a lot tougher than home-burnt, just as people have been saying around here for a long time. Some of them got wiped pretty hard in a couple of places, but play/rip fine.

Thing Two is that some CDs rip in about half the time others do-- which must mean that they don't have very good sound quality to start with-- bit rates or whatever?

I soaked them in batches in very soapy warm water, rubbed off soap film with care from the center out with soapy fingertips to feel for the stuck stuff, and in some cases used cotton rag scraps to get real stuck bits moving. Then rinsed REAL well and set at an angle to dry, followed by gentle wiping to remove water stains and check for cleanness/mirror finish. A few flunked and got resoaked or done over with straight dish soap.

All but a very, very few are playing just fine. The failures had gouges before I started, and the rest have all stood up to my ministrations.

I think I did about 50. Worth doing!