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Posted By: Stower
12-Nov-06 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bono
Subject: RE: BS: Bono
I know this is kind of thread drift, but it is relevant to the above discussion. I just saw an interview on BBC3 with Madonna. She was asked about the adoption of the Malawian boy, and she said that it is part of her commitment to building orphanages to look after the children of Malawi. OK, so far so good. Then she explained that in these orphanages the children will be taught "spirituality for kids", i.e. the tenets of kabala, the odd Jewish offshoot sect that has had such a grilling in the press for questionable activities (including financial ones), and that mainstream Judaism wants nothing to do with. (In fact, you don't even have to be Jewish to be in the sect - you just have to be loaded and willing to part with huge amounts of dosh). For me, that puts a different complexion on the whole matter. I won't make further comment. Make up your own minds.