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Posted By: Peace
13-Nov-06 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nitrogen in your Car Tires? Bull Or Not
Subject: RE: BS: Nitrogen in your Car Tires? Bull Or Not
"I think there are 2 advantages to using nitrogen as an inflation medium.

Nitogen has a larger molecule than some of the elements in air so the gradual air loss is lower.

Nitrogen doesn't have oxygen, so oxygen degradation is lessened.

Personally, I don't think the advantages are worth the price for normal usage. Maybe for cars in a museum or for racing.

I think the reason nitrogen is being marketed is that many people have heard that racers use nitrogen. Well, that's true, but the reason they do is that they don't carry an air compressor to their pit to power their impact wrenches - they use a nitrogen bottle - so they use this to inflate their tires. Plus many racers don't regularly clean out their air storage tank and water gets into the lines and then into the tires. When that happens the pressure buildup is erratic and unpredictable, hence the myth that nitrogen is better."

Found that on the www and its the best cut-to-the-chase remark I have seen on it.