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Posted By: Terry K
14-Nov-06 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I Don't Want to Put a Hold on You (Flint)
Subject: Lyr Add: I DON'T WANT TO PUT A HOLD ON YOU (Flint)
Credited to M & B Flint:

(Em) If you wanna leave me (A) well that's all right
(Bm) Come the morning, find you're gone (A) well I don't mind
(D) It's not that I don't love you baby (DDim) you know I do
(A7) But I don't wanna put no hold on (D) you

(G) Such a lovely (A7) feeling darling, (F#m) having you so near
(G) Gee it's good to (A7) know that you're a(D)round
(G) But should you ever (A7) go away then (F#m) let me make it clear
(G) I won't ever (Gmj7) try to tie you (A6) down (A7)

And if you should get restless, well that's all right
Find that you are in need of a change, well I don't mind
Don't misunderstand me baby, my love is true,
But I don't wanna put no hold on you

It all starts and finishes with a nice riff based around
(D) (Dmj7) (G6) (A7)
Improvements welcomed - I'm sure there will be some!
cheers, Terry