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Posted By: catspaw49
14-Nov-06 - 06:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nitrogen in your Car Tires? Bull Or Not
Subject: RE: BS: Nitrogen in your Car Tires? Bull Or Not
For all concerned........

The main reason that nitrogen is used in racing is predictability. Tire pressures are critical to handling especially on racing tires which are much different than passenger car tires. In circle track racing, pressures are changed by half pound increments from side to side to change the stagger. To get more forwad bite and roll through the center of a corner better,a crew chief might add a pound to the right rear, a half pound to the right front, and go down a turn on the track bar. The only way a multiple change like that happens is if you know how quickly and by how much the pressure will increase as the tire heats up.

Nitrogen will not do diddly squat for your passenger car....period.