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Posted By: Tinker
17-Nov-06 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: Getaway Memories 2006
Subject: RE: Getaway Memories 2006
Lonesome EJ let me know I actually figured out his five roomates in 102. Although it seems lacking that he himself does not have a verse in the song.... He of the Cardinal blanket waving as a flag and the bottle of Knob HIll under his pillow. There has to be a verse in there somewhere.

The Ballad o' 102

In the Central Lodge
where I was housed
There was a Brave Lad dwellin'
and he would rise
Deep in the night
and put the heat on "Grillin'"


another Lad that dwelled therein
a Celtic boy and darin'
and he were known
throughout the Camp
for the Cardinal hat he was a-wearin'


a third dear boy
a troubador
with his Martin was a-willin
and he were forced
to wear a horse
so the Bourbon he was swillin'


another hailed
from Canaday
beneath his bunk was a-crawlin'
we saw him hide
and there abide
when for his fair wife he was a-bawlin'


and lastly he
who bunked under me
from this Lad songs came a-pourin'
a kindly friend and gentleman
though he shook the rack wi' snorin'


Through joy and care
we dwell-ed there
and passed the partin' beaker
for the hours were gold
but truth be told
that the Room smelled like a Sneaker