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Posted By: Dan Schatz
17-Nov-06 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Getaway Memories 2006
Subject: RE: Getaway Memories 2006
It really was a wonderful Getaway - if I have a regret it is that I spent so much time making and listening to music that I didn't have enough time for socializing. But it's hard to call that a regret.

The camp, as others have said, is a wonderful site, and I think having heat improves the quality of the music. It at least improved the quality of mine, as I reveled in playing my instruments with fingers that weren't frozen.

The music was really excellent. I hesitate to list my favorites because I know I'll leave folks out, but here's a few. Joe Newberry's banjo workshop was a particular highlight, along with listening to Jill Rogoff, John Roberts, Julia Friend, Lisa Null, Colleen Cleveland, George Stephens and Mary LaMarca and others. The Saturday night concert was quite good, with a lovely new song from Mick Lane (sentimental mode) and the aforementioned cowboy hysterics featuring Mick Lane (high horse mode). Some people I wish I'd heard more (or at all), but you do have to make choices.

It was also a treat to meet so many new folks, including Erin Kelly and Mairi Quodomine, Joe Newberry, Jill Rogoff and others.

And thank you to all who congratulated us, asked about the coming baby (due in April) and especially to Jacqui Morse, who presented us with our very first baby blanket!

All in all, one of the best Getaways ever.

Dan Schatz