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18-Nov-06 - 03:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Jocko and the Trapeze Lady
Subject: RE: CHORDS Req: JOCKO the clown..kingston Trio
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Jocko and the Trapeze Lady

H(G)e was a bo(D)y when the cir(G)cus first ca(D)me to the du(C)st of

his West Texas to(G)wn.

And twe(G)nty years la(D)ter, he'd spe(G)nt twenty ye(D)ars as

Jo(C)cko the Sad Circus Clo(G)wn.

He did slap-stick ga(Em)gs in gre(G)ase paint and ra(Em)gs and the

peo(C)ple would laugh 'til they cr(G)ied.

But th(G)ey never saw pa(Em)st the pai(G)nted clown ma(Em)sk to the

s(C)ad, empty ma(D)n locked ins(G)ide.

(D)And the tra(G)peze la(D)dy swung ea(G)sy and grac(D)efully, hi(C)gh

in the high trapeze swi(G)ng.

Her par(G)ents were fl(D)yers. The cir(C)cus was her li(D)fe.

The ca(C)rny was deep in her ve(G)ins.

Hi(G)gh in the spotlights in seq(Em with g on the hi E)uins and pink

tights, she fl(C)ew like a bird in the wi(G)nd.

The s(G)aw dust's on dau(C)ghter, the str(G)ong men who ca(C)ught her

were a(Am ???))ll that she bro(D)ught to her te(G)nt.

Hello all

Well I think I like this better. I think the problem I have with these chords is George Groves exceptional ability to tweak this song on the run. He has a few chord and melody modifications that are done quite successfully for dramatic effect that make it hard for me to find the right mix. So I'll put in what works for me.

I'd sure appreciate some one elses take on this. I think a few may he correct.