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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
20-Nov-06 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Pretty Quadroon
Subject: Lyr Add: PRETTTY QUADROON (Howard, Vincent)
Fred Howard, Nat Vincent; arr Freeman High

Oh I'll ne'er forget when I met,
Sweet Cora my pretty Quadroon,
I see her dear eyes shining yet,
As we vowed to be true 'neath the moon,
Her form was exceedingly fair
And her cheeks like the wild rose in June
And the ringlets of dark glossy hair
Were the curls of my pretty Quadroon.

Oh my pretty Quadroon-
My flower that faded too soon-
My heart's like the strings on my banjo-
All broke for my pretty Quadroon-
My heart's like the strings on my banjo-
All broke for my pretty quadroon.-

So happy were we for a-while,
Like two love birds we dwelt 'mid the bow'rs,
And the sweetness of Cora's bright smile,
Seemed to rival the blush of the flow'rs;
But happiness fades like the rose,
And before the next full of the moon,
The grim reaper knocked on our door,
And took Cora, my pretty Quadroon.

Farewell to Kentucky's green hills,
And farewell to kentucky's green shade,
Farewell to the green clover fields,
Where Cora and I often strayed;
My sorrow will soon be forgot,
And my heart will find rest in the tomb,
But my spirit will fly to the spot,
And watch o'er my pretty Quadroon.

Copyright assigned 1930 to Vincent-Howard-Preeman, Ltd. Copyright 1930 by Morse M. Preeman, Los Angeles, Cal.

The "Sons of the Pioneers," featuring Leonard Slye aka Roy Rogers(tenor, guitar), Bob Nolan (baritone, string base), Tim Spencer (tenor, guitar) and Hugh Farr (fiddler, base singer), recorded the song August, 1934, following the words by Howard and Vincent, but did not include the third verse. The "Sons..." arranger for their take was Mary Dodge.