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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
20-Nov-06 - 10:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Pretty Quadroon
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: My Pretty Quadroon
Something strange here-
Mary Dodge was the filmographer-composer for the film "Jezebel," which included the song "Pretty Quadroon" in 1938.
IMDB (movie database) lists Mary Dodge and Fred Howard as composers with lyrics by Nat Vincent (performed by chorus and used as background).

I can find nothing in the Library of Congress under Mary Dodge or Pretty Quadroon. Nothing appears from the 19th c. in the Sheet Music Collections online. With the exception of anecdote, nothing is found prior to 1930 (recordings by Beverly Hillbillies and Bud and Joe Billings (Luther and Robison).

H. M. Higgins was nationally known for his publication of Civil War songs (published 1855-1869). Dina J. Epstein, "Music Publishing in Chicago Before 1871." In American Memory, only "Justice Has Stricken the Chains ..." and "Year of Jubilee" are listed as published by him and in their collection.

The parlor song similarity leads me to suspect a late 19th c. origin as a composed piece, but hard evidence, other than anecdote, is needed.

Perhaps H. M. Higgins, "The Parlor Lute, a Coll. of Songs, ...." might have an answer, but I don't have this 64p. booklet of war songs.