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22-Nov-06 - 03:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Origins: My Jolly Roving Tar
Subject: Lyr Add: JOLLY ROVING TAR (from Mick Hoy)
Not as full as some of the others, here is Mick Hoy's of Blaney, Fermanagh.

Jim Carroll

Down through Londonderry as I carelessly did stray
Where I espied a damsel, aye, and a lady gay.
She appeared to me like Venus bright or some superior star
As she walked the beach lamenting for her jolly roving tar.

If you would see my Willie when dressed up in sailor's clothes,
With his cheeks as red as rosies and his eyes as black as sloes,
With his hair linked o'er his shoulders and golden like saphar(?)
And the heart lies in the bosom of my jolly roving tar.

'Ah, come build for me a little wee boat that I may cross the shore,'
And when she saw the fleet going by. 'Adieu, I'll wait no more.
Fare you well, the maids of Liverpool, from you I'm going afar.'
And away went handsome Susan with her jolly roving tar.

'Aw, Willie, lovely Willie, why do you go away?
For when I arrive at twenty-one I'll be a lady gay
And you'll command my Dada's fleet going to the China war
And we'll both march together, me and my jolly tar.'