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Posted By: TRUBRIT
24-Nov-06 - 02:40 PM
Thread Name: Welcome, TRUBRIT
Subject: RE: Welcome, TRUBRIT
I pm'd Jacquie C and said the Welcome TruBrit thread had disappeared but she assured me otherwise so I checked again........I will have to get used to how incredibly active this site is. Thank you all so much for your Jacquie says we will be hosting a song circle at our house on December 2 - love to see as many of you there as possible -- the house is infinitely expandable (Lynn and Tom - beginning to think you don't love me -- you ALWAYS come to Sinsull's and NEVER to me -- oh, all right, I've only hosted one gathering with one to come but that is two you never come to!!!!!) Just teasing - I know you will make one soon. I'll pass your kind words about the letters on to Tom - he is the author.

Georgeous - yes, that was my car. We realtors are not subtle -- any advertising opportunity is one not to be car is well known in Maine!

I feel very welcomed and very happy to be part of a group that doesn't think I am totally wierd for loving this odd music and wanting to sing it - voice or no!! Tinker, keep the pillow - if my experience of a houseful of teenagers is the same as yours, one can never have too many pillows!!!!

Happy day after thanksgiving to one and all.