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Posted By: Nancy King
25-Nov-06 - 06:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bad day in Dallas
Subject: RE: BS: Bad day in Dallas
I was a senior in college in 1963, and remember that whole weekend vividly. I'd just finished morning classes when a classmate ran through the dorm with the news that Kennedy had been shot. A group of us stayed in her room, listening to the radio (no TV in the dorm) all afternoon, until the announcement he had died. Awful. The next morning I babysat as usual for a professor's family, and the four kids were very cranky because they wanted to watch Roy Rogers on TV and of course it had been pre-empted. I just sat and watched dignitaries arriving at the White House in the rain. I really believe that was when America lost its innocence. If THAT could happen, then ANYTHING could happen.

I don't actually remember the day Roosevelt died, but I do remember the funeral procession. It's probably my earliest memory -- I was nearly 3, and my family lived in Washington DC. I remember being held by my father, standing on the steps of a big government building and looking up the street, over the heads of the crowd, toward Pennsylvania Avenue. Everybody was completely quiet -- the only sound was the horses' hooves on the pavement. I described that memory to my mother many years later, and she was ecstatic that I actually did remember it.