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Posted By: Bill D
25-Nov-06 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bad day in Dallas
Subject: RE: BS: Bad day in Dallas
Kennedy...I was in the Student Union at college, heading for American History class when I heard muttered rumors about 'shots'...went on to class, and the Prof. came in and said "It's true...class dismissed"....and I RAN back to the student lounge where there was a bit TV on the wall...just in time to watch Walter Cronkite making the official that time I had a paper route to earn extra money, so I headed down early to pick up my papers at the printing facility, and got 3 copies of the evening paper, one before the news, one with just headlines and minimal info....and the 'final' which I had to deliver to customers. It was a very long evening walking that route.

Roosevelt...When I was almost 6, we were living briefly in railroad 'outfit' cars in Dalhart, Texas(funny gray cars with minimal sleeping quarters for workmen), as my father was a Western Union lineman and was on a temporary job near there. I was standing beside the rail cars with my mother when an engineer told my mother something, and she started crying. I didn't really understand who FDR was until later, but I knew he must be important if his death made my mother cry.