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Posted By: Joe_F
29-Nov-06 - 08:40 PM
Thread Name: Poetry: Edgar A. Guest
Subject: RE: Poetry: Edgar A. Guest
Ogden Nash also made fun of him, in a poem titled "Lines to a World-Famous Poet Who Failed to Complete a World-Famous Poem, or, Come Clean, Mr. Guest!":

Oft when I'm sitting without anything to read waiting for a train in a depot,
I torment myself with the poet's dictum that to make a house a home, livin' is what it takes a heap o'.

. . .

A philosophical poet should be specific
As well as prolific,
And I trust I am not being offensive
If I suggest that he should also be comprehensive.
You may if you like verify my next statement by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to either Dean Inge or Dean Gauss,
But meanwhile I ask you to believe that it takes a heap of other things besides a heap o' livin' to make a home out of a house.
To begin with, it takes a heap of payin',
And you don't pay just the oncet, but agayin and agayin and agayin.

. . .

In a word, Macushla,
There's a scad o' things that to make a house a home it takes not only a heap, or a peck, but at least a bushela.

Round about 1960, I read a vulgar reactionary newspaper column by the vulgar reactionary newspaper columnist Westbrook Pegler, protesting against some sort of honor that the U.S. Government had just bestowed on Robert Frost. If they wanted to honor a real American poet, he asked, what about Edgar A. Guest?