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Posted By: Paul from Hull
30-Nov-06 - 04:41 AM
Thread Name: Songs that should have been folk songs
Subject: RE: Songs that should have been folk songs
There are plenty of songs not within the folk canon that work brilliantly well when 'folkified', & not just those from those songwriters or performers who were folk influenced (Mark Knopfler being a prime example of one who WAS).

I suppose it all hinges on the thorny old issue of 'what is/isnt Folk anyway', & the best definition I can come up with, & I've said it before on here is that folk can be 'anything that goes down well with a folkie audience...except for those things that do, but clearly arent!'

There is also the things that plainly are, but I have noticed a couple of posts in this thread that put forward stuff that is to my mind, beyond question, notably stuff thats not Trad. but without doubt (to my mind anyway) fits the folk idiom, & which, I would assume, most people would share my opinion that it does.