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Posted By: Ferrara
30-Nov-06 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Unfortunate Miss Bailey
Subject: RE: Origins: Unfortunate Miss Bailey
Somehow I expect the original line was

Since you and I accounts must once for all close,

which gives a wonderful rhyme of "for all close" with "small clothes."

Ratafia was a drink (said to be very sweet) for ladies, with a little alcohol and a lot of flavoring. Here is a recipe from 1828:

Into one quart of brandy pour half a pint of cherry juice, as much currant juice, as much of raspberry juice, add a few cloves, and some white pepper in grains, two grains of green coriander, and a stick or two of cinnamon, then pound the stones of cherries, and put them in wood and all. Add about twenty five or thirty kernels of apricots. Stop your demijohn close and let it infuse for one month in the shade, shaking it five or six times in that time at the end of which strain it through a flannel bag, then through a filtering paper, and then bottle it and cork close for use; you can make any quantity you chose, only by adding or increasing more brandy or other ingredients.