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Posted By: Richie
03-Dec-06 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Get Up John (Bill Monroe)
Subject: Lyr. orgin: Get Up John

These lyrics were found for:

Emmy Lou Harris
(Bill Monroe)

Well, get up John, go down to Jordan
Get up John, prepare the way
Man from Galilee is waitin'
You must meet him there today.

Get up John, go tell my people
This will be a Holy day
Tell them of the Jew that's waiting
That the Saviour's on the way.

CHORUS: John you've been chosen
John go unafraid
John I'll go with you
John The Baptist, this is the day.

Where did these lyrics come from? I know Bill Monroe did a mandolin solo "Get Up John." Why is the song attributed to Monroe? Did Monroe also write lyrics?

Is this song (Get Up John) by Harris related to Sleepy-Eyed John. Sleepy-Eyed John is in the DT (lyrics are wrong). Where did Sleepy-Eyed John come from?

Are the two songs related?

Anyone have more info on the origin or other versions of Get Up John?