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Posted By: The PA
04-Dec-06 - 08:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Subject: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
On Saturday 04 November 2006 while a friend and I were riding along a local lane, two young lads in old style mini's came up behind us and had to wait for an approaching car to pass. While they were waiting, we revved their engines (that low rev that sounds as though there's no exhaust) so much that the horses spooked and we finished up on the other side of the road, in front of the approaching car. As these lads sped off we managed to get one of the registration numbers. We called the police, and before we got back to the yard, the police had called my husband to ask us to go to the local police station to make statements which we did. Unfortunately my friend had to leave before she could give hers as she is a diabetic and needed to eat. The police officer promised that they would see her the next day to get her statement. That night we learned that these two lads are local, and we were quite likely to meet them again. The following Monday I contacted the police to let them know this and they promised action would be taken, as "they take this kind of thing very seriously". Two weeks and two phone calls later they had still not taken my friends statement, or followed up the incident. After my
third call they promised again that they would go and see her to get her statement. Again nothing. Then we made an official complaint, I was called back by the complaints officer who promised (again) that I would have an answer in three days. A week and a half later I get a phone call on Saturday night to tell me that they were too busy to deal with this and because of the time span its too late to do anything about it. My neighbour is also a Police officer and he said this is total rubbish, there is no time limit. Its now exactly a month since this incident and the Police have done nothing.

I will just add the two horses in question are used to traffic and are generally very well behaved. Both riders have passed their Riding and Road Safety Tests (sort of driving test for horses and riders organised by the British Horse Society and the Police).

I know this is not the crime of the century, but surely we deserve better than this, or am I expecting too much. Should I bother trying to make another complaint. Thoughts and opinions please.