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Posted By: Georgiansilver
04-Dec-06 - 08:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Subject: RE: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Unfortunately the days have gone where everything to do with the law was respected by the majority and pressure is on the Police to cope with more incidents than they can sensibly handle. We all know this to be true and most have experienced something similar to the above.
However, what those lads did is not classed as serious crime these days and it is serious crime that the Police are trying to cover with limited resources.
Until the Government....who make all kinds of something about handling motoring offences..other than speeding...which is monitored by cameras and making the Government a small fortune....we will keep hearing of incidents such as the above.
Last week I saw an old lady knocked down whilst walking on the kerb when a bicycle carring two teenage boys came hurtling round a corner in town. There is a law against riding on the kerb and a law aginst two people riding on a bicycle unless it is designed for two. Nothing was done about this incident and I'm sure those lads will carry on riding recklessly on the kerb.
The PA...the Police probably see you as a 'pain in the ----' as the incident is not 'important' enough to warrant their intervention...sad to say it will go on being so.
Best wishes, Mike.