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Posted By: GUEST,Bruce Michael Baillie
05-Dec-06 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Subject: RE: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Shields folk is right, you cannot make too much fuss! on occasions like this it's the old case of 'the squeeky wheel gets the grease'. We had loads of problems in our area with teenagers and kids throwing eggs, rotten fruit, stones etc at our house and hurling abuse at us. (basically because we'd dared to stand up to them about their anti-social behaviour) We complained to the police (at one point we were even laughed at for making a fuss by the officer on the other end of the phone, 'well you can expect this kind of thing from kids nowadays!' he told us. However, we persevered and made a nuisance of ourselves, we rang the police after every incident no matter how trivial it seemed, we complained to the council and also wrote to our local MP, and eventually things have been done, the area is a lot quieter. Complain, LOUDLY it is your right, the law does not allow us to take retribution ourselves so get them off their arses to do their job, which is what they get paid for! I know it's not easy being a policeman/woman but, nobody forces them to join!