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Posted By: Joe_F
06-Dec-06 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: Know any hard-hitting christmas songs?
Subject: Lyr Add: TENNESSEE SONG (James Agee)
They laid down in a cold black barn,
the stars worked through the walls.
The ox and the jackass kept them warm,
a-studying in their stalls.

The old hens grouched along their roost,
the Gobbler riffed his wing.
Out on the mountain niggers heared
the glorying angels sing.

And he come out and took his breath
peaceful as ary mouse.
And in the sky there opened up
A star over that house.

Bashful they come and kneeled them down
before that new borned child.
Good Joseph trimmed the lantern.
The gal laid easy and smiled.

She could a had the best hotel,
doctors, a fine gold ring,
name in the papers and winter flowers,
For He was King.

He could a had the Mayor there,
a-waiting down the string
from the Governor and the President
For He was King.

Ginseng root from Siler's Bald,
a star in the sky, a bird on the wing,
a kiver wove a ripe peach wool,
For He was King.

He could a ordered Summer there,
Summer'd a skipped her Spring.
He could a never come to us.
For he was King.

He did not need no company,
playpretties, nary a thing.
He come to us the manner he come.
For he was King.

-- From "Lines Suggested by a Tennessee Song" by James Agee (ca. 1949)