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Posted By: Barry Finn
08-Dec-06 - 01:34 AM
Thread Name: Welcome, TRUBRIT
Subject: RE: Welcome, TRUBRIT
I some how missed you & this thread Deb. I'm glad to see that you're here. I wished I could've made it up north for the 2nd but it wasn't in the cards. It's nice to have another delightful Main-e-ack amongst us, we just can't have to many.
Liz if you do come over you don't have to eat the lobster but you do need to watch the rest of us/them tear into them. It's some site to behold. New Englanders forget their manners altogether & whatever table ware there was set out. They start with hands & fingers ripping them apart, pounding with fists on the shells that won't shred, pulling legs from sockets & sucking & grinding them til there's not a drop of meat or juice left, snapping the backs in half & reaching into their cavities to slide their inards out with their tounges. This is the ritual & it's done so the folks that don't know about lobsters won't try them. So when you do come over can I have yours?
I should've asked Deb, do you eat lobsters? I know Mary's a bit squimish about them.
Now I forgot how I came across this tread, anyway, glad to have found you.
Hopefully we'll cross paths soon.
Happy Hoildays