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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
08-Dec-06 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Crafter Guitar - any opinions?
Subject: RE: Crafter Guitar - any opinions?
As far as I know there is only one shop in England that stocks the up market solid wood Corts - its quite near to you Breezy, so you may indeed know it. Hickies in Reading. And they charge twice as much the European stockists.

I've owned Martins, Gibsons, an Ovation, a Armstrong, and nearly every model Yamaha do - the Cort seems quite as good to me. Although it fair to add, I have only owned it for three days. The neck is slightly wider than I'm used to. I have been playing those slinky necked Yamaha CPX models for the last six years or so. if they had done a solid wood cpx - I would have stuck with them. However even the CPX 15cm has laminated sides. Generally, I don't get too many complaints about my guitar sound - however I wanted a solid wood guitar for recording - a little more gravitas!

I'm thinking of getting a second one. I have the Parkway 360M model at the moment - the Custom Shop one looks good. I had looked several months for a guitar for my next album. What decided me, was that I was lucky enough to meet a guy who was recording some stuff for the Cort website, and he showed me what the guitar could become with just a little tweaking and setting up from a decent luthier. There are some good bits of wood glued together at the Cort factory.