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Posted By: GUEST,Art Thieme
09-Dec-06 - 08:29 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: What are the Motives of the Re-definers?
Subject: RE: Folklore: What are the Motives of the Re-definers?
My being primarily from a whole other musical paradigm, and preferring and liking it that way, gives me a view of folk music as being nuggets of great historical import that we had to search diligently for. As I've said before, we must sweep the scum of the present off the top of the pond so we can more easily view the depths where these vivid and graphic historic folkloristic artifacts might be found. We owe a great debt to those that were the collectors. Hopefully, we did some of that ourselves.

The new "Re-definers" are looking for a niche that leads them to at least an acceptable bottom line. Money again?!

There it is, the rub. There is an entirely new bottom line that crept up on us. And it is, because of inflation etc. making everything cost quite a bit more than in the days of the old bottom line. We seem to need huge umbrella organizations like the Folk Alliance to maximise the take. Remember that gasoline was thirty cents a gallon in 1965! But kids, go for it! (You will anyhow, I know. We did!)

Yes, I do think I understand. Just, please, don't trample and trounce our other sensitivities from other times. When you back us into a corner, it's only natural that we snarl back!! Just see some of my posts from those other years' threads to see how an old folkie can snarl when his certainties get tread-ed upon.