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Posted By: Slag
10-Dec-06 - 03:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: The NEW Red Coats
Subject: RE: BS: The NEW Red Coats
Well, maybe I am a little dated. A motivated troop in certain branches of the US military CAN be ready in that time (6 to 8 weeks) upon completion of basic training. In time of war ( I did specify "draftee" didn't I?) this has been a historical norm. Yes, a professional never does cease to learn and improve in most any field of endeavor. After basic training, depending upon the needs of the military, many troops go on to learn a specialty that can require anywhere from a few more weeks of training to several years. Commissioned officiers either go to one of our military 4 year schools or OCS (Officers Candidate School) where they turn out the proverbial 90 wonders (TIC). I believe, if you all ready have a college degree, you can obtain your commission and then receive specific training.