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Posted By: GUEST,Russ
10-Dec-06 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: What are the Motives of the Re-definers?
Subject: RE: Folklore: What are the Motives of the Re-definers?
To deal with the original question,

Old words are appropriated and their denotation is changed because of the connotations of those words.
The appropriators hope to benefit from those connotations.

In the dairy case of my local supermarket is a product called "soy milk."
Soy milk is not significantly like or related to or derived from the milk of cows.
It probably does not even need to be refrigerated, but it is there for good economic reasons.
This annoys the hell out of a friend of mine who is a dairy farmer.
The vendors of this product are taking advantage of the connotations of the workd "milk" and the advertising dollars invested by the dairy industry.

I am sure that some folks appropriators of the word "folk" do so because of what they perceive to be good connotations. They want you to think of their music as hand crafted in small batches by local artisans. Like artisanal cheese and hats from Bolivia.