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Posted By: wysiwyg
10-Dec-06 - 01:53 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Log Driver's Waltz (Wade Hemsworth)
Subject: RE: The Log Drivers Waltz
That is one of my alltime favorites-- not just the song, but the song set to that video. The combination made it so memorable that even after just one viewing/hearing, I retained the tune and feel of it for several years till I saw it again. I didn't think of myself as a musician at that time-- never would have thought I'd ever let anyone hear me sing, and didn't play an instrument then either-- but the feel of that song is definitely one of the foundations for what became my life as a musician. Gosh, it's great to see/hear it again-- thanks so much for posting the link.

Is there a way to save video's? A real simple way for dummies?