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Posted By: Richie
10-Dec-06 - 09:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Little Pink
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Pretty Little Pink
Jean's dad sang the variant: "How Old Are You (My Pretty Little Miss)?" which usually has the "I'll be sixteen next Sunday" line.

This song group has a very similar melody to "Shady Grove" and also surprisingly "Black Jack Davy/David.

Here are some names:
My Pretty Little Pink; Little Pink; All Around Those Pretty Little Pinks; Long the Days of Sorrows; Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/Pink; We're Marching Down to Old Quebec; Charley He's a Good Old Boy/Man; Quadrille in D and A; Charlie's Neat (and Charlie's Sweet); Twistification; Western Country; Susannah Gal; Blue Eyed Gal; Charlie, He's My Darling; Four in the Middle; Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees; Weevily Wheat;

Here are some related songs:
Say, Darling, Say; Where Are You Going; Washing Mama's Dishes; Black Jack Davy (Tune); Little Betty Ann; I Want to Go Back to Georgia; Jaybird Died with the Whooping Cough; Shady Grove (tune); Daisy; How Old Are You (My Pretty Little Miss)?; Leroy Troy's Rabbit Dog; Jim Along Josie; Over the Water/River to Charlie;