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Posted By: Little Hawk
10-Dec-06 - 11:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: eBay Strategy
Subject: RE: BS: eBay Strategy
There's no harm in proxy just make sure to place a limit on your proxy bid that isn't higher than what you're really willing to pay for the item. If it goes over that, don't sweat it. Another chance to get the same thing will soon come.

But if you're silly enough to place a ridiculously high proxy bid just so you are guaranteed to $1,000 on a $300 dollar item...and then someone like the jerk above, "punkfolkrocker", pushes it to $800....

Well, then it's your own damn fault if you win the $300 item for $810 isn't it?

Are people really that stupid? Well, yeah, I bet a few of them are... ;-)

I've been saved a lot of money by people who overbid me on Ebay items, and I have to thank them, because I'm doing just fine without all that stuff I didn't win (mostly forgotten by now), and I can certainly use the money.