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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Little Pink
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Pretty Little Pink
Here's a few more . . . .

Pretty Little Pink As sung by O.B. Campbell, Vinita, Oklahoma on August 9, 1971, from the Max Hunter collection.

Relating to the Black Jack Davey connection mentioned by Ritchie, here's a verse from West Plains, Missouri . . . .

"Come with me, my pretty little pink
Come with me, my honey
Come with me to a distant land
Where we will never need for money
Where we will never need for money"

"Five Old-Country Ballads," The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 25, No. 96. (Apr. - Jun., 1912), p. 174


We're marching down to old Quebec
Whar th' drums is loudly beatin'
Th' 'Merican boys hev won th' day
An' th' British are retreatin'

Th' war's all over an' we'll turn back
To th' place whar we first started
We'll open up th' ring an' receive a couple in
To relieve th' brokenn-hearted

My purty leetle pink I used to think
I couldn't live without you
But I'll let you know before I go
Thet I don't keer much about you

I'll put my knapsack on my back
My rifle on my shoulder
An' I'll march away to New Orleans
An' jine a band o' soldiers.

"The game is played very much like "The Miller Boy," but whenever the words "an' we'll turn back" are sung each couple does an about-face as quickly as possible. Two regularly appointed judges decide which couple was the slowest in making the turn, and this couple is turned out of the circle. At the words "we'll open up th' ring" the circle is broken for a moment, and the boy and girl outside rush to get in before it can be closed against them."

Vance Randolph, "The Ozark Play-Party," The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 42, No. 165. (Jul. - Sep., 1929), p. 206-207