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Posted By: Amos
12-Dec-06 - 10:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
You should probably be aware of morphological analysis before you go any further into the future.

"Morphological analysis is a method for rigorously structuring and investigating the total set of relationships in inherently non-quantifiable socio-technical problem complexes (variously
called "wicked problems" and "social messes"1).

The method is carried out by developing a discrete parameter space of the problem complex to be investigated, and defining relationships between the parameters on the basis of internal consistency.

Such an internally linked parameter space is called a morphological field. With proper computer support, a morphological field can be treated as an inference model.

Morphological analysis can be employed for:

· developing scenarios and scenario modeling laboratories;
· developing strategy alternatives;
· analyzing risks;
· relating means and ends in complex policy spaces;
· developing models for positional or stakeholder analysis;
· evaluating organizational structures for different tasks;
· presenting highly complex relationships in the form of comprehensible, visual models.

MA is carried out in small subject specialist groups with the strong facilitation of practiced morphologists."

from an Article for the UN University Millennium Project:
Futures Research Methodology Series, and the Swedish Morphological Society.

Just in case, you know...