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Posted By: GUEST
12-Dec-06 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: 24 Hole Harmonicas Wanted
Subject: RE: 24 Hole Harmonicas Wanted
Yes, I suppose one could argue that they are actually 48 hole harmonicas, although the sellers/manufacturers call them 24 hole ones. I think there are also 36 (or 72 if you prefer) hole harmonicas. Strangely I would have thought that Western Music was more melody oriented!

I imagine as China is closer to Australia than the UK, if these Chinese Swan harmonicas are sold in the UK there will also be a dealer or importer to Australasis. I actually first heard of this brand when looking for harmonicas on E-bay; in fact there was a set of the same 12 Swan Tremolo harps being auctioned at substantially less than the normal price. I made a couple of bids which were accepted but due to a mysterious technical glitch (for some reason E-bay would not accept my password although it had earlier) I was outbid near the end and couldn't do anything about it. However it was thus that I heard about RUMC and have ended up buying the set anyway although I did have to pay more. If you want "Organ tuned" harmonicas you may be able to get one via E-bay.

The thread was indeed started by me several years ago posting as "BUTTERFLY" but this was nothing to do with the brand of harmonica (I chose it because I have an interest in Butterflies, but perhaps should have chosen something else, as it has led some people to assume I was female instead of male!).