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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
13-Dec-06 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Subject: RE: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Divis - The 'yobs' thread said British. This one says UK. The former is the island comprising England, Scotland and Wales. The UK is the United Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Albeit the latter is now only Northern Ireland. There was no point in posting what you did as the UK does include Ireland while Britain does not. I have come to expect both a better argument and more decorum from you but I shall put it down to a fit of peak:-) Put your feet up and think of riding the BMW across europe in the sun.

Back to the point - Yes you should expect more of the UK Police. They are under pressure to keep crime figures down so anything that they accept is a crime makes them look bad unless they solve it. This is one that they should take on because they can log it and solve it in one go! Make 'em 'ave it!