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Posted By: Gizmo
13-Dec-06 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Subject: RE: BS: UK Police Should We Expect More
Similar disinterest from police happened to me last year.

My neighbours boyfriend came knocking on my door threatening me with violence if I did not hand my dog over to him when he comes back in an hour - time enough to get the dogs things together. I explained my kids were in the flat, and he was even more foul mouthed than before, but soon left, with threats hanging in the air. I thus phoned my mum, telling her what happened and to get to mine as quick as possible, with as much male back up as poss. She said to phone police, which I did. I called 999, as by then, my neighbour had come down the stairs (in the block of flats) and was banging on the door, trying to kick it in. Meanwhile, my children are in a panic, the dog is whining and I 'm trying to explain down the phone, that we are in danger. The operator said it sounded like a civil dispute, and would get the police to turn up as soon as possible.

My neighbour got more and more forceful, and while trying to reason with her, I was finding it harder to not just open up my front door and shout at her to go away, but I stayed calm as could be behind my door, refusing to let the junkie in, fearing she would take more than the dog, and perhaps the tv, video, etc.

My parents arrived in 15 mins from the call. Still no sign of the police, despite me impressing the violence threatened to me by this person I did not even know the name of.

After words dished out by the woman to my mum, (the police ringing me once to say don't open the door whatever you do) her boyfriend came down the stairs expecting her to be shouting at me, in his hands were an iron bar and a knife. He had the shock of his life when he saw my mum, dad, brother and uncle looming by my door.

He then went upstairs after my dad asked him to join the discussion, but the psycho was going to use those weapons on me. I was the intended, thankfully he didn't.

The police took 45 mins from the emergency call to get to my flat. They did not take the event seriously at all, only getting my statement, which they did not get me to sign. I had to get my children to safety, so we ended up at my parents, where we still are because

a) harrassment in my council means only racial, or domestic
b) despite her having many previous convictions, this harrassment was not enough for the local police to arrest her, just talk to her and give verbal warning.
c) After appealing to my council to get me moved, I was pushed from pillar to post and back again
d) my mp has no authority over housing allocations and reasons for moving
e) the police statement issued to the council regarding what happened was full of holes, and although the operator marked that a distuebance could be heard on the phone from the neighbour, until she broke in it was not a serious threat to myself or children - apparently
f) my council wanted me to go back to the flat, to act as bait, so that if she did it again she could be issued with an asbo
g) because my children witnessed everything, the police had to inform social services, thus making me out to be a bad mum, only because I had the misfortune to have such an evil neighbour as I did.

I spent over a year trying to get justice, but to no avail. My faith in the police has hit rock bottom. They could not protect my family, or myself when it was needed. They would have only reacted if I had become seriously, and physically injured.

Sorry to rant, but I understand the feeling of banging your head against a wall when it comes to local authority and police.