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Posted By: ChS
13-Dec-06 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Heather Down the Moor (from June Tabor)
Subject: RE: Tabor - Heather Down the Moor
Malcolm: Thank you for your exhaustive answer. I do appreciate your straightforwardness.
1° I admit that I misunderstood your comment bearing on the Digital Tradition file and not on the book "Bonny Bunch of Roses". I certainly will remove the sentence - not purposely- misrepresenting Dan Miller.
2° I find, however, perfectly legitimate and in conformity with tradition, in order to illustrate old Jacobite songs for which the tune is not known, to put them in connection with tunes matching them. For instance Anne Lorne Gillies sings Lady Nairne's "Attainted Scottish Nobles" to the tune of "Dainty Davie" on her CD "White Rose o'June" and there are many other instances. I agree with you that this practice should insult neither metrics nor chronology.
My point when resuming this thread was precisely to check if the tune I found on the DT site could chronologically qualify for the connection I made. Since neither of us have read Dan Miller's book where this information is certainly provided, the question remains, so far, unanswered.
But, there is certainly far more than "a vague metrical correspondence" between the text of "Brigadier McKintosh" and the tune considered. The body of the text scans the melody and the concluding 2 note pattern matches the burden line of the ballad.
It matches the modern lyrics as well, but since it could be misunderstood, I shall remove them.
3° To the best of my (search engine's) knowledge I did not quote your name on the McKintosh page but on 2 other pages, since you already helped me to clarify problems. Please would you care to have a look at them and tell me if you want me to modify or remove these mentions?