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Posted By: Richie
14-Dec-06 - 07:04 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Little Pink
Subject: Lyr Add: PRETTY LITTLE PINK (from Mellinger Henry)
Below is Pretty Little Pink from Mellinger Henry. There's no melody provided and the verses seem to be floaters. The second is usually found in "Black is the color" while the fith seem to be from Dark Holler." The meter and cadence are different suggesting a different song with Pretty Little Pink as the title (from the first floating verse). There are 11 complete verse and one partial. I've shown the first five:

Pretty Little Pink- Mellinger Henry
More Songs from the Southern Highlands
Obtained from the singing of Austin Harmon from Varnell, Georgia 1929

My pretty little pink
So fare you well
You slighted me,
But I wish you well.

The prettiest face,
And the meanest hand
I love the ground
Where on she stands.

I saw you the other day,
You looked so loving
And you were so gay,
You fooled and trifled you time away.

If on earth
No more shall see,
I can't serve you
As you serve me.

I'd rather build my home
On some icy hill
Where the sun refuses to shine-
A trusting girl is hard to find.