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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
15-Dec-06 - 03:13 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Heather Down the Moor (from June Tabor)
Subject: RE: Tabor - Heather Down the Moor
Thanks, Becky, for the reference. Morton rather thought that the song was based (textually) on 'The Laird o'Drum', but I'm not convinced of that. They share a basic theme (and so do a lot of other songs) but are really quite different.

Thanks, too, to ChS for correcting his web page.

The second midi (HTHRMOR2.MID) in the DT file is also linked to from DOON THE MOOR (2), the text of which is copied from Colm O Lochlainn's Irish Street Ballads (not Songs as stated in the DT): the implication would be that that is where the tune came from (O Lochlainn credits his source, but the DT omits this information) but when converted to staff notation the DT midi bears little resemblance to the printed tune, being in a different time signature, a different key, and with entirely different note values.

Where did it come from, I wonder? I suppose I shall have to try to find out, but there won't be time for that any day soon.

I'll address ChS' other questions at a later date. Meanwhile, if you want an appropriate tune for 'Brigadier M'Intosh' you need to be looking at 18th century melodies.