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Posted By: Richie
15-Dec-06 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Weevily Wheat
Subject: RE: Origins: Weevily Wheat
Here's a translation of Burn's "O'er The Water To Charlie:"

Over The Water To Charlie

We will over the water, We will over the sea,
We will over the water to Charlie!
Come well, come woe, we will gather and go,
And live and die with Charlie!

Come boat me over, come row me over,
Come boat me over to Charlie!
I will give John Ross another half-penny
To boat me over to Charlie.

I love well my Charlie's name,
Though some there be abhor him;
But O, to see Old Nick going home,
And Charlie's foes before him!

I swear and vow by moon and stars
And sun that shines so early,
If I had twenty thousand lives,
I would die as often for Charlie!