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Posted By: catspaw49
18-Dec-06 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: speed restrictions in cars
Subject: RE: BS: speed restrictions in cars
There are those individuals out there, gearheads, with gasoline in their veins who will circumvent any and all attempts at slowing a vehicle down. These folks enjoy motorcycles that will exceed the legal speed limit in ANY gear and cars that make them feel a part of the assembly. Even those who race on tracks and off road are still hard wired into hard accelerating and high G cornering on the highways at least some of the time.

Many of them understand your concerns and as they age, if they age, better sense takes over for at least part of the time. But even so the 60 year old in the high performance 4 door sedan, the wolf in sheep's clothing, can still be seen screaming past, out on the occasional proficiency run. This phenomenon is probably a bigger factor in the U.S. where cars are a more integral part of the culture.

For this group, at any age, there is nothing you can do.