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19-Dec-06 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: speed restrictions in cars
Subject: RE: BS: speed restrictions in cars
McGrath says

"I've always wished they could come up with a device that meant that anytime you went over the local speed limit on any road a siren would start sounding on the roof of your car until you slowed down. Together with a law requiring people to have such a decvice installed and working, the same as seat-belts".

In Singapore the taxis have a light on the roof which flashes when they exceed the (very low) speed limit. It seems to work well (unless you are late getting to the airport, of course).

As to governors being dangerous, a 7 series Beamer I had a couple of cars ago was limited to 145 mph by the car's computer (though I didn't ever test it to see if it worked!). The point is that a governor can be made independent of the acceleration power of the car - it simply doesn't start to take effect until the desired limit is reached, so you can have all of the normal acceleration for overtaking but can't exceed the governed maximum.

Just an observation, but Captain Birdseye you sound like one of those drivers I'd rather be in front of than behind. And arguably, creating the "need" for other drivers to overtake you could be said to be a dangerous way to drive.....

cheers, Terry