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Posted By: Mick Tems
19-Dec-06 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: Looking For Celtic Songs For Children
Subject: RE: Looking For Celtic Songs For Children
Yes, Cilla's the sister of Archie and Ray (not Rae). Ray Fisher is married to Northumbrian piper Colin Ross, and she played a blinder when she was down here in Llantrisant. Cilla Fisher and Artie Tresize have a show called The Singing Kettle.

Incidentally, I think Texas Guest says "Celtic" when he means "Irish" - and there were a good many non-Irish songs in his list. This is a well-worn fallacy among Americans - there are simply thousands of Celtic children's songs from Wales, Brittany, Scotland, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Ireland too. England doesn't profess to be Celtic (apart from Northumbria, Cumbria and the Devon coast).

I hope that's made things clear!